Landlord services

Do you own a property and would you like to rent it out? Then you have come to the right place at Your Housing Maastricht. Your Housing Maastricht offers various possibilities in terms of cooperation. Below you will find all the options that Your Housing Maastricht has to offer.

1. Package mediation

Would you like to rent out your property with the mediation package? Then we will unburden you from the moment you give us your “GO”, until the moment of the key transfer with your new tenant. With the mediation package we proceed as follows:

We start with an introductory meeting. This can be in the building you wish to rent out, or at our office with a nice cup of coffee. During this meeting we will explain to you how we work and the work we will do for you.

We will perform an intake of the property together with you. After this intake, we will advise you on the rental price of the property. Of course, we will ultimately determine the final rental price in consultation with you. Once this is done, we will advertise the property professionally. We do this together with a partner who specializes in advertising living spaces.

Once the ad is ready, we will publish it on multiple channels including our own website, other rental platforms and, last but not least, social media.

From that moment on, candidates can find their way to your property. We view the property with the candidates and then carry out a thorough screening. As soon as we have found a suitable candidate, we will contact you to ask for your approval. As soon as we have received your approval, we will draw up the rental agreement.

Once this has been signed by both parties, we will schedule the key transfer/check-in. A full check-in report is also made during this key transfer. This report is crucial later after the tenant's check-out to assess the condition of the property.


Would you like to be unburdened further than just during the rental cycle? Then you can choose to outsource the management of your property to Your Housing Maastricht. In management we ensure that everything concerning the property is handled by us. We will only contact you when necessary. Finally, outsourcing management can ensure that your rental income falls under BOX 3. If you carry out too much work yourself, the tax authorities can ensure that this income falls under the less favourable BOX 1.

2. Management

During the entire rental period, we will act as a point of contact for your tenant. We will answer all their questions, but also act immediately when they report a malfunction. If our own technical man cannot solve it, we deploy external parties. We will of course always inform you of work that needs to be carried out. As soon as you have agreed that we may continue to deal with the report, we will follow up on it until it is totally completed. As a manager, we will also perform the key management of the property. So you only have to give permission and we'll do the rest!

We will also perform a pre-inspection and a final inspection within the management package as soon as a lease termination has been received. These are both extremely crucial for a correct and fair settlement of the deposit. For example, after the final inspection you will receive a summary of any differences/defects between the check-in and the check-out (the final inspection).

Finally, we will correspond management in case of overdue rent. We will go as far as is deemed necessary to resolve the case.

3. Full management/financial management

With full management, the above activities are supplemented with some other activities. For example, with full management, we will inspect the property once a year in consultation with you. If during this inspection it appears that matters need to be dealt with, we will of course handle this immediately.

If you wish, we will also inform the tenant annually about the rent indexation as well as making an annual settlement of any service costs and GWE (if necessary).

Finally, you can also choose that Your Housing Maastricht collects your rent on a monthly basis. If you wish, we will, from the moment the lease starts, make sure the tenant meets his payment obligation. If not, we will correspond with management in the event of overdue rent and go as far as is deemed necessary.

As a manager, we want to ensure that we can completely unburden you so that you don't have to worry about your property.